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Tongue Cleaning

How To Clean Your Tongue

What Does Your Coated Tongue Have To Do With Bad Breath? A coated tongue, a tongue that isn’t pink and smooth and moist, is a breeding ground for stinky breath. Here’s the yucky part. Anaerobic bacteria are found in our mouths, especially at the base of the papillae on our tongues. As the bacteria digest […]

Herbs to Use for Bad Breath

Herbs for Bad Breath – Part 1

If you want a natural remedy for your halitosis without resorting to over-the-counter commercial products here is a list of herbs for bad breath that you can find in your kitchen or your own herb garden.  Some of these herbs and seeds can be chewed (be sure to spit them out after chewing), some can be […]

What Tonsil Stones Are and How to Get Rid of Them

What Tonsil Stones Are and How to Get Rid of Them

Do you have those tiny hard white globs at the back of your throat?  Those are called tonsil stones.  I didn’t know anything about them until recently, when I learned about them up close and personal. It was a few weeks ago when I began to sense something that felt like it was lodged at […]

Celebrities with Bad Breath Remedy

Celebrities with Bad Breath: Fame Doesn’t Always Smell Good

Stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Robert Pattinson are becoming known for their dirty mouths.  Celebrities have nowhere to hide and sources are spilling the beans when it comes to celebrities with bad breath.  Bad breath AKA halitosis is no stranger to the silver screen.  The good news is that knowing celebrities suffer from bad […]

Emergency Bad Breath Remedy

Quick Bad Breath Remedy for Those Important Times

Are you having a bad breath emergency?  This is one thing that can really ruin important moments.  Especially those moments when you are required to have a conversation with people who are important to you.  Whether you are in a board meeting or on a hot date, smelling bad can quickly turn off anyone you […]


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