Bad Breath Causes

Tobacco Is a Bad Breath CauseWhat are the bad breath causes we need to know about? Actually there are several possible reasons for a person to have smelly breath.  It can be food or drink, or personal habits, or dieting and fasting.

The reason you should have a grasp of what causes bad breath is that then you’ll understand the the methods for  getting rid of it.  Even if you’re caught somewhere without your usual dental products and breath fresheners,  you’ll still have some techniques that you’ll can use because you now know what is causing the problem.

The Basic Bad Breath Causes

There are, however, some fundamental causes of halitosis that affect everyone – even children and  pets. Unfortunately, everyone has the promise and potential for bad breath right in their mouths.   You can’t escape it.

There are bacteria in everyone’s mouth – they belong there – but if you have too many of them or feed them  really well, they will reward you with a bad case of halitosis.  These are the main culprits when it  comes to bad breath.  If you can reduce the number of anaerobic bacteria in your mouth and also limit the  foods they prefer to digest, then you are well on your way to fresher breath.

The Basic Ways to Reduce Bad Breath

Here is a short list of how to reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth:

  • Drink more water
  • Floss and brush twice a day
  • Use a toothpaste that contains chlorine dioxide
  • Use a tongue scraper as part of your regular daily oral hygiene
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you drink
  • Don’t use mouthwash containing alcohol
  • Reduce smoking

This list is also a great way of limiting the amount of material these bacteria have to digest.  A  cleaner mouth has fewer food particles and proteins remaining to be digested and turned into volatile sulfur  compounds.

Just knowing the basic information on bad breath gives you a big advantage in preventing and getting rid of  it.

There are lots of remedies for getting rid of bad breath.  One thing to do is to pay attention to the  dental products you choose. Therabreath is a source for cutting edge dental and oral hygiene products.   We use these products ourselves.

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