What Tonsil Stones Are and How to Get Rid of Them

Do you have those tiny hard white globs at the back of your throat?  Those are called tonsil stones.  I didn’t know anything about them until recently, when I learned about them up close and personal.

It was a few weeks ago when I began to sense something that felt like it was lodged at the back of my throat. It wasn’t painful, but it was disturbing.

I tried swallowing repeatedly, and it was then that I felt a difference in the surface just behind my tongue. I looked in the mirror and saw a white blob clinging to my adenoids.

I tried not to panic about it, because it didn’t hurt, anyway. Later that day, I suddenly coughed something up; it was a tiny globule, I saw when I spit in the sink.

I checked my tonsils again in the mirror. The white blob was indeed gone.

Upon talking with my doctor, I found out that my body was able to remove ‘tonsil stones’ the natural way.

‘What Are Tonsil Stones?’ I Asked Her.

She said these are also known as tonsilloliths, and occur when bacteria, dead skin cells, food debris, and mucus build up over time. It is a perfectly natural thing to happen.

Its components make tonsil stones smell, which could also cause bad breath.

I stiffened as soon as I heard her say so. What if I had bad breath all those days when these things were stuck in my throat, only I didn’t realize that I had it? Thank goodness they were gone.

I was lucky, she said, that I didn’t experience other symptoms that are associated with the condition. She said some patients complained of a pain at the back of their throat, or in their ears. Some also have difficulty swallowing.

While our body can get rid of tonsil stones by itself, she said it was better to prevent them from forming in the first place.

How to Stop Tonsil Stones from Forming

My doctor recommended the use of an oxygenating spray, some of which come with a long nozzle so it can reach the back of the throat. When the solution comes in contact with the skin, the bacteria are immediately dispersed, thus preventing them from sticking to other debris that could form into tonsil stones. It also aerates the mouth, leaving your breath fresher.

Since post-nasal drip fluids are another culprit behind tonsilloliths, using nasal-sinus drops can also be beneficial. These trap bacteria that linger behind the sinuses and in the throat and tonsil area. Thus your throat and tonsils feel both clean and fresh.

Oxygenating toothpaste will also help banish the dirt that comes will all the food we take in. My doctor told me to never neglect to brush my teeth at least twice a day. She made me promise to go over every nook and cranny, as well. Debris is one of the causes of tonsil stones, after all.

I was also supposed to clean my tongue to get all the muck off the surface.

But Those White Globs May Come Back

Other doctors recommend that tonsils be removed as the final treatment for tonsil stones, as these can be associated with infected tonsils. A patient can go through tonsillectomy or laser treatment.

I don’t want to go through the surgery, though, should they come back. For one thing, I don’t want the expenses. For another, I can always use a soft cotton swab and gently, carefully probe the surface to rid myself of those awful-smelling globs.

It is also recommended to gargle with salt water, which will help loosen the globules.

You can also do an oral rinse to induce the same effect.

Tonsil stones may become infected, though, so it’s always best to get a check-up from your ENT.

Do you think you might have tonsil stones, too? Now that you’ve heard my story, you’ll know the methods for its cure, as well as its prevention.

Quit worrying about the symptoms, and act now. Practice proper oral care, go to your doctor, and get rid of those icky little things today.



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