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Flossing Reduces PlaqueBad Breath Remedies Do the Free Ones Work?

Do you need a cure for your bad breath, or are you someone who doesn’t think you have halitosis? Well, we all have bad breath at one time or another.

Statistics tell us that 35% of us have chronic bad breath and 55% of us have occasional bad breath. And when we get up with morning breath we may get the impression that 100% of us have some bad breath every day.

If you want to take care of that occasional problem, what bad breath remedies really work and are the free ones just as good as those that use commercial products?

A Quick Course in What Causes Bad Breath

To understand what makes an effective remedy, you should have an idea of what causes bad breath. There are lots of bacteria in your mouth.

Everyone has them and it’s okay. The ones that cause bad breath live in places where there is no oxygen, like in the plaque on your teeth and at the base of the papillae on your tongue. They make bad smelling sulfur compounds by digesting various things, like food particles, post nasal drip mucus, sugars and proteins. The idea behind the remedies is to get rid of the sulfur compounds and to reduce the bacteria population, which sometimes increases more than we want. The bacteria in your mouth are always there, so you can never get rid of bad breath once and for all. Like maintaining your weight or keeping clean, it’s an ongoing process.

A Quick Course in Bad Breath Remedies

If you want to keep bad breath at bay every day, you need to practice good oral hygiene every day. The basics are brushing, flossing, and tongue cleaning. For an extra boost, you can use a mouthwash. Brushing your teeth for a couple of minutes each time you brush helps to keep plaque from building up on your teeth. Flossing carefully will help reduce plaque from around and under the gum line and keeps tartar at bay. Tongue cleaning, preferably with a tongue scraper rather than using your toothbrush, removes that white coating on your tongue which is a biofilm of those sulfur compound waste products and other smelly stuff. It also will allow more oxygen to reach the bacteria at the base of the papillae on your tongue. These bacteria thrive in an oxygen free environment and any oxygen will reduce their population in your mouth.

The Best Bad Breath Remedy – Free or Paid For?

Free gets the job done, and it can be very satisfying to create your own health care products.  But just like relying on hand soap to take care of all of your underarm odor, it isn’t the most effective odor removing solution and neither are home made bad breath products if you have a bad halitosis problem. The new wave of toothpastes, mouthwashes, and rinses that contain chlorine dioxide and other beneficial ingredients, while leaving out the harmful ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, alcohol, and sugar, will give you the very best results.  You’ll find a whole range of the best products are created by Dr. Katz at   These new ingredients increase the amount of oxygen in your mouth and can easily reduce the number of anaerobic bacteria for 10 to 20 hours. Regular oral hygiene habits combined with these effective oral products are the very best sure fire bad breath remedy you can find today.


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