Therabreath the Best Toothpaste for Bad Breath

There are plenty of reasons to use toothpaste besides for getting rid of bad breath. In fact, probably the main reasons for brushing are to clean our teeth and to keep them white.

The Purpose of Toothpaste

For more information on toothpaste in general, read our post, What Is the Best Toothpaste, which goes into specific detail on what to look for in toothpaste. You’ll find some interesting things there, including that toothpaste isn’t necessary for cleaning your teeth.

But What About the Best Toothpaste for Bad Breath?

Look at the labels. The majority of toothpaste you’ll find at your grocery and drug stores emphasize tartar reduction, white teeth, remineralization, and reducing sensitivity. A few throw in reducing bad breath for good measure.

Check out the ingredients to see which ones fight bad breath. You’ll look long and hard to find any. You can’t assume that the intense flavor has anything to do with getting rid of halitosis.

Why is Therabreath the Best Toothpaste for Bad Breath?

Therabreath toothpaste is specially designed to get rid of bad breath. In fact, the whole Therabreath line of products is specially formulated to fight halitosis. The toothpaste is just one more tool in their arsenal.

The ingredient in Therabreath toothpaste that gets rid of bad breath is stabilized chlorine dioxide in a unique formulation called OXYD-8. This isn’t an ingredient just tossed in by chance. This is the main part in all of the Therabreath products. It gets rid of the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath.

All of the other ingredients are relatively harmless. Here is a list of the less pronounceable ones:

  • Ammonium Glycyrrhizate (Licorice Root) – helps form gels and stabilize emulsions
  • Cellulose Gum – thickening agent
  • Sodium Benzoate – used as a food preservative
  • Sodium Fluoride – enhances the strength of teeth
  • Sorbitol – sweetener
  • Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate – water soluble acts as a tartar control agent by removing calcium and magnesium from saliva
  • Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate – also acts as a tartar control agent by removing calcium and magnesium from saliva
  • Vegetable based glycerin – humectant, solvent, and sweetener that doesn’t feed the bacteria that form plaque or cause dental caries (Wikipedia)
  • Xylitol – a sweetener that has been shown to reduce dental caries, and helps remineralization

Personal Disclosure

For the sake of disclosure, I pretty much use just three types of toothpaste. One is Therabreath – the flavor is good, it combats bad breath, and it doesn’t hurt my teeth. I also use baking soda because it whitens my teeth really well and is right after water on the list of being least abrasive. And I also use Sensodyne because I’m a real weenie at the dentist, and if I use it for several days before I go to the dentist, my teeth don’t seem to be as sensitive.


If your primary concern besides having clean teeth is for your breath to smell good, Therabreath is the best toothpaste for this.

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