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Garlic Can Be A Cause of Bad Breath

The Causes of Bad Breath

We can be certain we’ll have bad breath some time but do you know the causes of bad breath?  You are familiar with the joys of bad breath- wake up with nasty morning breath, or have the stinky breath that’s a result of eating  too much garlic or onions, or have family members step back a pace […]

What Tonsil Stones Are and How to Get Rid of Them

What Tonsil Stones Are and How to Get Rid of Them

Do you have those tiny hard white globs at the back of your throat?  Those are called tonsil stones.  I didn’t know anything about them until recently, when I learned about them up close and personal. It was a few weeks ago when I began to sense something that felt like it was lodged at […]

Causes of Bad Breath - Sugar

A Food that Causes Bad Breath – Sugar

You know that food and bad breath can go together.  And you know the usual suspects:  onions, garlic, coffee, alcohol.  Here is a surprise for you. What Is a Favorite Food that Causes Bad Breath? I love sugar.  More specifically, I love chocolate, and I love cheese cake, and then there is crème Brule, and […]

Bad Breath Tongue

Your Tongue and Bad Breath

There is a really good reason why dentists recommend brushing or scraping our tongue each time we do our oral cleaning. Your tongue and bad breath are closely related. This is because it has the highest concentration of microorganisms and bacteria which can cause bad breath and influence the health of your gums and teeth. […]

Drinking Beer

What Causes the Bad Smell of Alcohol Breath

Alcohol breath and alcohol bad breath bring two distinctly different pictures to mind. Did you ever wake up the morning after an evening of celebrating with friends, thinking that you smelled of alcohol and your breath smelled worse? Have you heard of a breathalyzer test that measures blood alcohol levels?  The smell of alcohol can come […]


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