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Baby Breath

Baby Bad Breath

Bad Breath in Children It’s a surprising fact that those sweet little kids that look so angelic can have stinky breath as bad as an adult. Children from tiny infants through toddler age and all the way up to teenagers can have bad breath. The basic causes of baby bad breath and teenage breath are […]

Bad Breath in Babies

Bad Breath in Babies

Babies Shouldn’t Have Bad Breath Babies should smell good. They are meant to be held and cuddled and nuzzled. They should smell sweet and fresh and maybe like baby powder.  Bad breath in babies just shouldn’t be.  But it does happen. But some little ones don’t smell wonderful and it’s not those nasty diapers. Some […]

Baby Has Bad Breath

Baby Bad Breath! What Do You Do?

Here’s the problem: your baby has bad breath.  Your infant is too little to brush his teeth that aren’t there anyway, and he certainly can’t gargle.  So what do you do now?  Here is a short list of three things to check and to do. Wash Those Baby Toys! There are a couple of places for […]


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