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Brushing Dogs Teeth

Cleaning Dog Teeth – A Vet Video On Doing It The Right Way

Cleaning Dog Teeth for Fun and Profit! Well, maybe not so much fun and maybe no profit at all.  How about just to have better smelling dog breath…. Is your best four legged friend afflicted with a case of bad dog breath?  Here is a great little video that will help you figure out the ins […]

Puppy Bad Breath

Teething Puppy Breath Can Get You Down

Puppies are great.  They are fun to watch, fun to play with, and fun to snuggle.  Then all of a sudden, you may find that puppy breath has turned to bad breath.  If this has happened after your little dog has turned 4 months old, this may be a temporary teething problem. A Teething Puppy Can […]

Recipes for Dog Bad Breath

Got Canine Halitosis? Here Are Three Dog Recipes for Bad Breath

Want to cut back on that bad dog breath and create some healthful treats for your dogs?  Here are three recipes we’ve found that profess to help with their breath as well as tickle their taste buds. Be sure to check that your dog doesn’t have some serious dental issue going on that is causing more than […]

Remedies for Dog Breath

Home Remedy for Dog Bad Breath

When you say home remedy for dog bad breath, that means different things to different people. For some, home  remedy means anything you can do at home rather than taking your dog to the vet. Others want to avoid buying commercial products that are created for the canine market. Here are some things that will cover […]

Dog Bad Breath

Remedies for Dog Breath

Good Pet – Bad Breath How do you fight bad dog breath at home? Pets can’t use mouthwash or gargle.  I’ve loved each and every one of our dogs, but there were days when doggy kisses were out of the question. Even our cats have occasionally had offensive breath. The cause of dog and cat […]


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