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Herbs to Use for Bad Breath

Herbs for Bad Breath – Part 2

There are plenty of home remedies and natural cures for bad breath.  Here are more great herbs for bad breath.  This group contains one of my favorites – tea tree oil – though that certainly isn’t because of the great taste.  Most of these herbs, seeds, and the tea tree oil can be found in your cupboard, […]

Herbs to Use for Bad Breath

Herbs for Bad Breath – Part 1

If you want a natural remedy for your halitosis without resorting to over-the-counter commercial products here is a list of herbs for bad breath that you can find in your kitchen or your own herb garden.  Some of these herbs and seeds can be chewed (be sure to spit them out after chewing), some can be […]

Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Home Bad Breath Remedies

Natural cures for halitosis can mean many different things.  Different people may have quite different ideas about what natural bad breath remedies and what home home bad breath remedies are. What Do You Want? Some people are looking for a home bad breath remedy that they can find in their refrigerators, pantries, gardens, or at the […]

Natural Cures for Halitosis

Natural Bad Breath Cures

Curing Bad Breath Naturally You might want to try some natural bad breath cures.  It can be a lot less expensive than spending money on a variety of the over the counter pharmaceutical products for curing bad breath.  Home remedies can be simple but very effective in the ongoing chore of eliminating bad breath. Oral […]


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