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Tongue Cleaning

How To Clean Your Tongue

What Does Your Coated Tongue Have To Do With Bad Breath? A coated tongue, a tongue that isn’t pink and smooth and moist, is a breeding ground for stinky breath. Here’s the yucky part. Anaerobic bacteria are found in our mouths, especially at the base of the papillae on our tongues. As the bacteria digest […]

Halitosis Man

How To Tell If You Have Bad Breath

How Do I Know If Have Bad Breath? Do you sometimes wake up in the morning with your mouth tasting like the bottom of a chicken coop and wonder if you breath smells just as bad?  Have you talked with someone during the day and hoped that the gummy feel in your mouth wasn’t a sign […]

Dog teeth.

How To Brush Dogs Teeth

Nasty dog breath! What do you do? The same thing that people need to do – regular brushing.  Learn to brush dogs teeth and you will have the best technique for getting rid of doggy bad breath. Most dog bad breath has to do with plaque and tartar that have built up on their teeth. Decomposing […]


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