Baby Bad Breath! What Do You Do?

Baby Has Bad BreathHere’s the problem: your baby has bad breath.  Your infant is too little to brush his teeth that aren’t there anyway, and he certainly can’t gargle.  So what do you do now?  Here is a short list of three things to check and to do.

Wash Those Baby Toys!

There are a couple of places for you to look.  First, check to see is you little one is using and reusing a pacifier, sucking on his thumb, or sucking on his blankie.  That dried and rewetted old saliva can smell pretty rank.  If he does have a favorite thing to chew or suck on, make sure to keep that pacifier, thumb or blanket clean and that may take care of the problem.  If he’s teething and chewing on his fist a lot, this will keep you busy.

That Didn’t Work to Stop Baby Bad Breath, So Now What?

If you need to go further, and your baby seems to be happy and healthy, he may just have a dry mouth.  This happens with adults who sleep with their mouths open and we call it morning breath.  The same thing happens to babies who sleep with their mouths open.  To help with this, give him a little water after eating to rinse milk or food particles out of his mouth.  And a little water before sleep time will also help keep his mouth a little moister.

Bring in the Big Guns to Fight Baby Breath

The simple little methods above usually take care of an occasional halitosis problem.  If keeping toys and fists clean and rinsing his mouth with water doesn’t work, you should take your infant to his pediatrician.  He may be suffering from congestion or a throat or sinus infection and a visit to the doctor is the best thing to do.

Babies naturally have sweet breath.  Just a couple of easy steps and it can stay that way all of the time.

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