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Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Natural cures for halitosis can mean many different things.  Different people may have quite different ideas about what natural bad breath remedies and what home home bad breath remedies are.

What Do You Want?

Some people are looking for a home bad breath remedy that they can find in their refrigerators, pantries, gardens, or at the local natural foods store.  Some want herbal remedies that aren’t filled with the chemicals found in the standard and expensive over-the-counter breath fresheners. Other people are just looking for some easy daily routines that will help keep their breath fresh.

You might want to try some natural bad breath cures. It can be a lot less expensive than spending money on a variety of the over the counter pharmaceutical products for curing bad breath.

I Want Easy Home Remedies That Work

Here are some natural ways to fight bad breath that you may want to adopt for your own use.  These are the ones that really work:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice daily
  • Floss twice daily
  • Use a tongue scraper
  • Rinse your mouth after eating
  • Drink several glasses of plain water a day

To add to these, you can chew on parsley, cloves, or any of several other herbs for a quick breath pick-me-up.  Baking soda has long been used to replace toothpaste, and, from personal experience, I can tell you that it works especially well to clean and whiten teeth for people wearing braces!

What Herbal Alternatives Do I Have?

For an overview of the herbs and spices and natural remedies that you can use to help in fighting bad breath, read through our articles.  We have tried to provide you with a variety of ideas and methods that can help

What If I Don’t Want To Brush with Baking Soda?

If you decide to keep some commercial products on hand, take a look at These are products that we actually use ourselves – not all of them, but some. Therabreath has cutting edge dental and oral hygiene products that are good for your breath and your overall health.

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