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Garlic Can Be A Cause of Bad Breath

The Causes of Bad Breath

We can be certain we’ll have bad breath some time but do you know the causes of bad breath?  You are familiar with the joys of bad breath- wake up with nasty morning breath, or have the stinky breath that’s a result of eating  too much garlic or onions, or have family members step back a pace […]

Herbs to Use for Bad Breath

Herbs for Bad Breath – Part 2

There are plenty of home remedies and natural cures for bad breath.  Here are more great herbs for bad breath.  This group contains one of my favorites – tea tree oil – though that certainly isn’t because of the great taste.  Most of these herbs, seeds, and the tea tree oil can be found in your cupboard, […]

Bad Breath Remedies That Work

Bad Breath Remedies That Work

Everyone has had stinky breath at one time or another – so the questions you may be asking are “how to get rid of my bad breath” and, “what bad breath cures can I use that really work?” There are both short term and long term methods of keeping fresh breath. Watch What You Eat To Avoid […]

Baby Breath

Baby Bad Breath

Bad Breath in Children It’s a surprising fact that those sweet little kids that look so angelic can have stinky breath as bad as an adult. Children from tiny infants through toddler age and all the way up to teenagers can have bad breath. The basic causes of baby bad breath and teenage breath are […]


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