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Recipes for Dog Bad Breath

Got Canine Halitosis? Here Are Three Dog Recipes for Bad Breath

Want to cut back on that bad dog breath and create some healthful treats for your dogs?  Here are three recipes we’ve found that profess to help with their breath as well as tickle their taste buds. Be sure to check that your dog doesn’t have some serious dental issue going on that is causing more than […]

Doggy Bad Breath

Dog Bad Breath Causes

You know that your dog has bad breath but do you really know what causes that stinky doggy breath? Why Does My Dog Have Bad Breath? The quick and general explanation of bad breath is this.  There are bacteria in every mouth, whether that mouth is human, feline, elephant or canine, and these bacteria are […]

Baby Breath

Baby Bad Breath

Bad Breath in Children It’s a surprising fact that those sweet little kids that look so angelic can have stinky breath as bad as an adult. Children from tiny infants through toddler age and all the way up to teenagers can have bad breath. The basic causes of baby bad breath and teenage breath are […]

Drinking Beer

What Causes the Bad Smell of Alcohol Breath

Alcohol breath and alcohol bad breath bring two distinctly different pictures to mind. Did you ever wake up the morning after an evening of celebrating with friends, thinking that you smelled of alcohol and your breath smelled worse? Have you heard of a breathalyzer test that measures blood alcohol levels?  The smell of alcohol can come […]


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