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Garlic Can Be A Cause of Bad Breath

The Causes of Bad Breath

We can be certain we’ll have bad breath some time but do you know the causes of bad breath?  You are familiar with the joys of bad breath- wake up with nasty morning breath, or have the stinky breath that’s a result of eating  too much garlic or onions, or have family members step back a pace […]

Herbs to Use for Bad Breath

Herbs for Bad Breath – Part 2

There are plenty of home remedies and natural cures for bad breath.  Here are more great herbs for bad breath.  This group contains one of my favorites – tea tree oil – though that certainly isn’t because of the great taste.  Most of these herbs, seeds, and the tea tree oil can be found in your cupboard, […]

Causes of Bad Breath - Sugar

A Food that Causes Bad Breath – Sugar

You know that food and bad breath can go together.  And you know the usual suspects:  onions, garlic, coffee, alcohol.  Here is a surprise for you. What Is a Favorite Food that Causes Bad Breath? I love sugar.  More specifically, I love chocolate, and I love cheese cake, and then there is crème Brule, and […]

Natural Cures for Halitosis

Natural Bad Breath Cures

Curing Bad Breath Naturally You might want to try some natural bad breath cures.  It can be a lot less expensive than spending money on a variety of the over the counter pharmaceutical products for curing bad breath.  Home remedies can be simple but very effective in the ongoing chore of eliminating bad breath. Oral […]

Recipes for Dog Bad Breath

Got Canine Halitosis? Here Are Three Dog Recipes for Bad Breath

Want to cut back on that bad dog breath and create some healthful treats for your dogs?  Here are three recipes we’ve found that profess to help with their breath as well as tickle their taste buds. Be sure to check that your dog doesn’t have some serious dental issue going on that is causing more than […]


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