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Celebrities with Bad Breath Remedy

Celebrities with Bad Breath: Fame Doesn’t Always Smell Good

Stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Robert Pattinson are becoming known for their dirty mouths.  Celebrities have nowhere to hide and sources are spilling the beans when it comes to celebrities with bad breath.  Bad breath AKA halitosis is no stranger to the silver screen.  The good news is that knowing celebrities suffer from bad […]

Emergency Bad Breath Remedy

Quick Bad Breath Remedy for Those Important Times

Are you having a bad breath emergency?  This is one thing that can really ruin important moments.  Especially those moments when you are required to have a conversation with people who are important to you.  Whether you are in a board meeting or on a hot date, smelling bad can quickly turn off anyone you […]

Natural Cures for Halitosis

Natural Bad Breath Cures

Curing Bad Breath Naturally You might want to try some natural bad breath cures.  It can be a lot less expensive than spending money on a variety of the over the counter pharmaceutical products for curing bad breath.  Home remedies can be simple but very effective in the ongoing chore of eliminating bad breath. Oral […]


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