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Tongue Cleaning

How To Clean Your Tongue

What Does Your Coated Tongue Have To Do With Bad Breath? A coated tongue, a tongue that isn’t pink and smooth and moist, is a breeding ground for stinky breath. Here’s the yucky part. Anaerobic bacteria are found in our mouths, especially at the base of the papillae on our tongues. As the bacteria digest […]

Emergency Bad Breath Remedy

Quick Bad Breath Remedy for Those Important Times

Are you having a bad breath emergency?  This is one thing that can really ruin important moments.  Especially those moments when you are required to have a conversation with people who are important to you.  Whether you are in a board meeting or on a hot date, smelling bad can quickly turn off anyone you […]

Remedy for Bad Breath

Bad Breath Remedy

Is there a real bad breath remedy? Unfortunately, the cures for halitosis are just like the remedies for dirty dishes – an ongoing process that needs to be attended to on a regular basis. You can’t just take care of it today or this week and hope it be a cure for bad breath that will […]


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