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Mike Kelley and Beth KelleyYou want to have fresh breath all of the time?

Your job and your social life go much better when you have great smelling breath.  It’s easy to do with the right personal habits and a good choice of personal care products.

For a thorough education on all aspects of bad breath by the top expert in the field, Dr. Harold Katz, founder of The California Breath Clinics, get a free downloadable copy of The Bad Breath Bible by clicking on the link.  He is the hands down expert on halitosis.

We live in a quaint little Victorian town on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, surrounded by dogs and cats – several of whom stayed home when our children moved away.  My interest in what to do about bad breath stems from having two children and one granddaughter, having a long series of loveable but stinky dogs, and from spending a few years wearing braces on my teeth.  Flossing teeth with braces on is a real project!  So is brushing a dog’s teeth.

Dog BreathThe handsome boy in the photo is Gobi, who was only 9 months old in this photo.  Unfortunately, he is no longer with us, but he used to give Mike and me a lot of kisses, so that encouraged us to find out anything that can be done to keep dog breath from smelling like old bones.

I certainly doesn’t consider bad breath a hobby.  I have a lot of other more interesting things to do, but I do have a real interest in keeping dog breath and my own breath fresh like flowers.  Because I like to share neat stuff with people and because I’m an internet publisher, I’ve brought together the most important information on bad breath and its remedies for you to look at.

We hope you find informative and, above all, useful.

Beth Kelleyon


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