Fame Doesn’t Always Smell Good

Stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Robert Pattinson are becoming known for their dirty mouths.  Celebrities have nowhere to hide and sources are spilling the beans when it comes to celebrities with bad breath.  Bad breath AKA halitosis is no stranger to the silver screen.  The good news is that knowing celebrities suffer from bad breath gives us non-famous people an opportunity to relish the fact that those we find so admirable have faults.

Dr. Katz, the developer of Therabreath oral care products is familiar with celebrities who suffer from halitosis.  His products were present at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards.  Each attending guest was gifted a Therabreath gift bag that included a variety of products ranging from toothpaste to lozenges.  If that is not a hint to those walking the red carpet I don’t know what is!

Here’s Who Is “Rocking It” When It Come to Celebs with Bad Breath

So how do celebrities acquire bad breath?  The same way you and I do lack of oral care, smoking, drinking alcohol, too much coffee, dry mouth, gum disease, post nasal drip, tonsil stones…. The list goes on.  How do celebrities eliminate bad breath?  They don’t!  Well, at least not all of them.  It has been said that those whom we admire on the big screen such as:

  • Robert Pattinson (yes, Mr. Sexy Twilight man himself)
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Brad Pitt
  • Tyra Banks (self-admitting morning breath)
  • Clark Gable
  • Julia Roberts (peanut butter sandwich breath… not that bad)
  • Matt Damon
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Hugh Grant
  • Ben Affleck and John Waters
Celebrity with Bad Breath Remedy

All are victims – or culprits – of bad breath.  It’s a shame really.  Who wants to think about Ms. Aniston with that perfect tan, beautiful blue eyes, and then, oh, yes her outrageous coffee breath?  Alec Baldwin joked in an older report from US Magazine that kissing Aniston was “painful” and continued to protest that “every man who’s had to make out with her in TV and movies – I don’t know how they do it”.  Perhaps it was her longtime role as a coffee waitress at “Central Perk” on the sitcom Friends that has made her a fan of coffee.  Perhaps it’s time for her switch from coffee to an oral rinse. Just a suggestion.

However, Ms. Aniston is not alone with her halitosis.  It is said that Clark Gable, the leading man from the movie “Gone with the Wind,” had such bad breath that Vivian Leigh hated doing kissing scenes with him.  Leigh admitted that “Kissing Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind was not that exciting…his dentures smelled something awful”.  It gives real meaning to his famous line, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” because clearly, Gable didn’t give a damn about his oral hygiene.

Ben Affleck and Hugh Grant have also come up when the topic of actors with bad breath are mentioned.  British newspapers, including the London Sunday Times and the Daily Telegraph, have mentioned that Affleck’s leading ladies, including Sandra Bullock, have complained about his “smelly breath”.  In addition, it has been rumored that Grant was begged to use a breath strip to cover up his mouth odor during a past Academy Award ceremony.  However, we cannot leave Affleck and Grant out on the chopping block alone.  One cannot forget that John Water’s breath has been said to be “eye-watering”, probably because he is a smoker.  Either way, the real tear-jerker here is that these handsome romantic comedy celebrities have exceptionally bad breath and the publicity to support it.

The Secret Celebrity Breath Saver – Therabreath!

Celebrities with Bad Breath Remedy

Many celebrities with bad breath go to Dr. Harold Katz and the California Breath Clinics to help reduce, eliminate,  or control their bad breath.  Several will make appointments under assumed names, have his products sent to their assistants, or have their drivers check out the waiting room to see that it’s empty before they go in.  One soap opera actor goes to see Dr. Katz whenever he has a kissing scene with a new starlet.
Movie stars are not the only famous people who are concerned with offending those around them with bad breath. Singers take time to thoroughly clean their mouths.  Dr. Katz says that singers are concerned that singing near people will be offensive – and embarrassing – if they have a coated tongue and bad breath.  A white tongue is a sure sign of smelly odors behind those pearly whites.  In order to prevent a white tongue brush your teeth, gums, and tongue.  In addition, floss and use a tongue scraper.  This twice a day regime should ensure that any singer will give a minty fresh performance.

Dr. Katz says that celebrities often drink and smoke a lot.  Both are major causes of bad breath.  Some celebrities have poor diets or eating disorders, also halitosis culprits. Bad habits and poor mouth care are a sure way to be cast as the star with painfully eye-watering bad breath.  Celebrities with bad breath prove that actors, actresses, and singers need to stick to the same bad breath remedies that are recommended by us non-famous people and our non-famous dentists.  Good health habits and good oral hygiene habits, including using Dr. Katz’s Therabreath products will work for the rich and famous, if they use them, just as it does for you and me.

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