Your Tongue and Bad Breath

There is a really good reason why dentists recommend brushing or scraping our tongue each time we do our oral cleaning.

Your tongue and bad breath are closely related.

This is because it has the highest concentration of microorganisms and bacteria which can cause bad breath and influence the health of your gums and teeth.

Can Your Tongue Really Cause Bad Breath?


Here is something you might not have known, but the shape – the way your tongue is built can cause you to have worse bad breath.

There are several different possible geographies – that is, to us ordinary people, there are several different ways the surface of your tongue can look. 

It can have a deep groove in it. 

It may be smoother and look patchy, as though it has lost some of its normal surfaces.  It can look rough.  It can have a healthy pink color.

Everyone has bacteria in their mouth. 

Certain kinds produce that sulfurous smell of halitosis.  

Bacteria thrive where they can’t be easily rinsed or washed away, and one of the prime places is in amongst the papillae, the little projections, on your tongue.

The more bacteria there are, the higher the likelihood that your bad breath will keep recurring.

No amount of brushing teeth, flossing, mints, gums or breath spray will be able to eliminate the problem.

Different Surface – More Halitosis

Bad breath you can get from a variety of sources but the shape and geography of your tongue you probably got from your parents and grandparents.

Two surfaces are more prone to making bad breath.

  • Rough
  • Grooved or Fissured

If your tongue is less smooth than the average, or if you have a deep groove down the middle of it, you have a greater chance of having bad breath that’s related to the shape.

Rough tongues aren’t really rough, they just look that way. 

The papillae – those little things that hold your taste buds – are just slightly longer than usual. 

This gives the odor-causing bacteria more and better places to live.

Having grooves or ‘fissures’ provides the same great breeding ground for bacteria.

What about You?

So, do you have bad breath?

If you’re reading this, then the chance of you having this problem is highly likely – otherwise, you’d be reading something more fun.

But, if you are a living, breathing human being, the chances of you having bad breath at one time or another is pretty much 100%. 

Want to check out whether regular brushing and flossing will take care of most of it?

Try this.  Stand in front of a mirror and stick your tongue out.  Is it rough? 

Got grooves in it? 

If you see a coating, then you have got it bad.  

That coating is one big reason for your bad breath. 

It is the accumulated waste products from odor-causing bacteria and just brushing and flossing won’t take care of the problem.

Here Are Some New Oral Hygiene Tricks

You have to get physical – gently –  with your tongue and use a tongue scraper to remove the bacteria and the sulfurous waste products they create. 

And, you’ve got to be prepared – this coating will keep coming back.

Remember to do it gently because you will need to keep up with this cleaning once or twice daily.  Forever.

Tongue scraping isn’t always as successful at reducing bad breath when you have a rougher surface to deal with. 

If you are really having halitosis problems, what will help is to use an oxygenating product on the scraper as you are cleaning your tongue.  

Also, use an oxygenating rinse after your regular oral hygiene routine.

These two measures will help add oxygen to your mouth, and especially to your tongue, reducing the number of those sulfur-producing bacteria in your mouth. 

The bacteria you want to get at are anaerobic, so any oxygenation will help get rid of them.  

And they will reduce the possibility of bad breath no matter what the shape of your tongue.

Cleaning your tongue is a lifelong process, but if you are intent on having good-smelling breath, make it a part of your regular dental hygiene routine. 

And give bad breath the double whammy by using those great new oxygenating dental products like those that are available from Therabreath

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