Remedies for Dog Breath

How do you fight bad dog breath at home? Pets can’t use mouthwash or gargle. 

Good Pet – Bad Breath

Therabreath Solution to Dog Bad Breath

I’ve loved each and every one of our dogs, but there were days when doggy kisses were out of the question.

Even our cats have occasionally had offensive breath.

The cause of dog and cat bad breath is a little bit different from the reason for human smelly breath. 

Fortunately, the cause of pet bad breath is less complicated and, therefore, the cure for most pet halitosis is fairly simple.

Most of dog halitosis comes from problems with teeth and gums. 

Add in those standard bacteria that cause bad breath in humans also cause bad breath in dogs and cats, and you have the very basic causes of pet bad breath. 

For more in-depth information on dog breath and what to do about it, check out the other dog breath articles. 

You’ll find what causes doggy bad breath and what to do about it.  There is even a great video on how to brush your dog’s teeth.

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