How to Brush Dogs Teeth

Cleaning Dog Teeth – The Right Way

Cleaning Dog TeethCleaning Dog Teeth for Fun and Profit!

Well, maybe not so much fun and maybe no profit at all.  How about just to have better-smelling dog breath….

Is your best four-legged friend afflicted with a case of bad dog breath?  Here is a great little video that will help you figure out the ins and outs of cleaning dog teeth without effort.  Not only will brushing your dog’s teeth make his breath smell better, but it will also promote his overall health.

Thanks to Dr. Mike from VetVid for putting together this great video and letting us share it with you.

Read our other articles that get into more detail on dog breath.  You’ll find some suggestions on what to do with teething puppies and some things you can do besides cleaning dog teeth to make your dog’s breath smell better.

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