Got Bad Breath – A Must Read

Okay, I admit to a bias. I like Dr. Harold Katz, author of the Bad Breath Bible.

I didn’t have any opinions until I read his book, looked at his website, and saw him in some videos online.

What is not to like about a guy who smiles happily while measuring people’s horrible breath? So here it is, my Bad Breath Bible Review for you.

I get overwhelmed when I get to the oral products section of the Health and Beauty shelves in a store. Do you?

Have you ever stood there, looking at all of the rows of toothpaste, mouthwashes, and breath products, and wondering how do I choose, and will any of this stuff get rid of my bad breath?

Do you choose by brand? By cool packaging? The color you like best for mouthwash? The best advertising?

It took me a while, but I finally found someone who knows something about the subject and what to do about it – Dr. Harold Katz, the founder of The California Breath Clinics.

Maybe you’ve seen him on The Today Show or online or in the newspaper. He knows his stuff and offers a free guide so you can know it, too.

Now you can solve the problem, not just cover up the symptoms. You can get this completely free 48-page book directly from Therabreath.

You don’t have to buy anything or promise anything to get it. Here are the instructions to download it for free.

If you want, you can skip the middle of this review, which tells you what all is in the book and I tried to make it very interesting and educational, and go to the end where I tell you what I think about it.

First, there is an interesting story behind why Dr. Katz studied bad breath, wrote his manual, and created his Therabreath products.

What Led To The Creation of The Bad Breath Bible?

Dr. Katz says that he first became seriously interested in halitosis causes and treatment because his teenage daughter had a terrible case of bad breath.

She did all of the standard correct things for good oral hygiene – her father was a dentist after all – but nothing worked. How’s that for making a father feel like a professional loser?

There is nothing like a daughter’s physical and emotional distress to drive a father to get real answers.

Fortunately, Katz had experience as well as a personal motive. He has a degree in Bacteriology from UCLA, as well as his Dentistry degree. This helped him with the considerable research on halitosis and formulations that would be effective in getting rid of it.

In a Nutshell, What Do You Get?

Dr. Harold Katz calls it “The Definitive Resource on the Symptoms, Causes, and Cures of Halitosis.” He says he wrote it as a dentist for his patients.

Katz goes into a detailed explanation of the many various causes of halitosis.

He also tells you what personal actions to take and what types of products are effective in halitosis treatment.

Of course, Dr. Katz recommends his Therabreath line of breath products throughout the book, and he gives reasons why his brand of products is so effective.


The main part of the book goes into detail about what is halitosis and what causes it. One of the leading causes is dry mouth, which comes about in several ways.

In some detail, we get to read about anaerobic bacteria and the volatile sulfur compounds they create (VSC) that cause that familiar bad smell.

There are sections on post nasal drip and sinuses and why they can contribute to the problem.

Bad smells don’t come from your digestive system, and Dr. Katz explains why.

However, certain foods do make your breath worse, and there is a logical reason for it.

One of the culprits that are a real favorite of many people, including me, is coffee.

Dr. Katz addresses specific problems like tonsils, morning breath, canker sores, and tongues.

If you have never seen a picture of a coated tongue, a black hairy tongue or a geographic tongue, then this is your big chance!

Gums and teeth come under scrutiny and are given several pages of coverage.


One of the more interesting parts of the book is Appendix C, which is a list of medications that have bad breath as a side effect.

Most of us only consider what our medication is supposed to be acting on, not that it may be causing us added social problems.

One group of medications of particular interest here is the antihistamine and decongestant groups of medication.

If sinuses and post nasal drip can help create smelly breath, apparently so do the medications designed to get rid of those same sinus and allergy problems.

Death of a Wives’ Tale?

Here is something you didn’t want to hear.

Is it possible to figure out if you have horrible breath without someone telling you? Dr. Katz says that cupping your hand to your nose, and smelling your breath doesn’t work.

But he does list some quick methods that do work.


In Appendix A, Dr. Katz gives the daily oral regimen that he recommends for chronic halitosis.

It is a step by step daily regimen that takes just a few minutes a day. In the end, he gives additional tips and advice for reducing bad breath.

As expected, Therabreath products are recommended for the various steps.

The Bad Breath Bible gives information on each product and why it works so well in the halitosis treatment. Our personal experience with these steps and some of these products has been quite satisfactory.

Two non-Therabreath products are specifically mentioned as being helpful in a good oral hygiene routine.

The Hydro-floss is good for oral irrigation and gum health.

The Hydro-Pulse is a nasal and sinus irrigation system for people who have trouble with post nasal drip.

Six pages are devoted to FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions. These questions cover a wide range of topics.

The chances are that, if you don’t feel like reading the whole book, you can go to the FAQs and find the answers to your questions there.

My Conclusion

Yep, I’ve read the whole thing, though admit to just skimming the part on medications. Our medicine cabinet just has aspirin and a painkiller for when I had a root canal.

There is a ton of information so that you won’t be fooled by flashy big business advertising again. I like that.

It is very thorough, and I didn’t need to see photos of ‘tongues in trouble.’ Yes, very thorough. Sometimes less is more.

Since Katz designed products specifically to get rid of the base causes of bad breath, he mentions and details his products. It’s his book. He can advertise what he wants in it.

We’ve used the standard Listerine, Crest, Colgate products and others you see advertised on TV, and we also have used the Therabreath products.

We, in fact, do use the toothpaste, oral rinse, and lozenges and are happy with them, although you can just use his basic oral hygiene routine and make real progress on eliminating most bad breath.

Bottom Line: This downloadable book is fact-filled, helpful, and it is free.

If you have any personal interest in halitosis causes or halitosis treatment, or if someone you know needs it, The Bad Breath Bible is an excellent primer and a great resource.