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Bad Breath

  • Why Does My Dog Have Bad Breath
    I’ve loved each and every one of our dogs, but there were days when doggy kisses were out of the question.   The quick and general explanation of bad breath is this.  There are bacteria in every mouth, whether that mouth is human, feline, elephant, or canine, and these bacteria are supposed to be there.  The
  • Natural Bad Breath Cures To Try
    You might want to try some natural bad breath cures.  It can be a lot less expensive than spending money on various over counter products to cure bad breath.  Home remedies can be simple but very effective in the ongoing chore of eliminating bad breath.  Oral Hygiene The very simplest of halitosis cures is a
  • How Do I Tell If I Have Bad Breath
    Do you sometimes wake up in the morning with your mouth tasting like the bottom of a chicken coop and wonder if your breath smells just as bad?   Do you wonder whether you have bad breath or not?  People cup their hands and breathe into them, hoping to smell whether their breath is good or
  • What Bad Breath Remedy Really Works
    Everyone has had stinky breath at one time or another – you’ll even find bad breath in a baby, so the question is, “what bad breath cures can I use that really work?” There are both short term and long term methods of keeping fresh breath.  Watch What You Eat Some of the foods you eat
  • Bad Breath Prevention and Cures
    Is there a real cure for bad breath?  Unfortunately, the cures for halitosis are just like the remedies for dirty dishes – an ongoing process that regularly needs to be attended to.  Some of the ways to stop bad breath can be one time or fairly simple to deal with.  If you have a dental

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